Computer & Server Repair

Is your workstation or server slow, dead, or locked up? Have you lost your network connection and you can’t figure out how to fix it?

NMP Consulting is dedicated to providing reliable, highly responsive support. We are available to provide either general phone, on-site, or remote online support to assist you in solving your IT issues. During normal business hours, we will respond to your inquiry within one hour. We understand that when you are having computer problems, it puts a major strain on your entire business. Call 614-358-5814 today to solve your problems.

NMP Consulting is the company that technology companies call when THEY need help.
We feature:
  • A guaranteed timely response
  • Phone support
  • On-site support
  • Remote online support

We provide support and repair for:
  • All versions and editions of Microsoft Windows, including Win 3.x, Win 95/98, Win 2000, XP Home / Pro, Windows Server and Vista (server or desktop)
  • All versions of Macintosh OS X, including Jaguar, Panther, Tiger and Leopard (server or desktop)
  • All major distributions of Linux, including Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian and Gentoo (sever or desktop)
  • PC Repair: All hardware from any mainstream vendor, including DELL, Compaq, Hewlett Packard (HP),IBM, E-machine, Gateway, Sony, and all standard Intel-based machines.
  • Macintosh Repair: We repair all Apple hardware.
Drop Off Laptop Repair Service!

nmp consulting • 4002 north hampton drive • powell ohio 43065 • phone 614.358.5814 • fax 614.437.1249
Columbus / Central Ohio area